“Although their time at the bottom of the garden hadn't been particularly unpleasant – the weather had been kind and the rats had sung their happiest songs to keep spirits high – Olive knew they would soon have to leave. Since the hoodie crows had appeared there was a change in the air, their cawing giving voice to a restlessness the toys had not known before. The dark woods beckoned.”

Left at the Bottom of the Garden is my range of lost toys, a chance to tell the story of Olive, Clementine and Little Puss as they journey through the woods

With the production funded through Kickstarter, the range is now available to all. Very soon we'll be embarking on Chapter Two of the story, as the toys meet the old woman who lives in the woods (along with all her cats). Again, I'll be running a Kickstarter to fund their production. Keep an eye on the blog, as well as the Statuesque Facebook and Twitter accounts for when this goes live!

Left at the Bottom of the Garden

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