Required Figure Base:

"Captain of the SS Vento, Wolf is a likeable rouge with a kind heart. His penchant for defending the downtrodden and underdogs frequently thrusts him into the role of the "accidental hero". However, his somewhat deserved reputation as a smuggler and pirate makes him unwelcome in some ports.

"His sidekick Bosun is first-mate of the SS Vento. Since her rescue from South-Seas slavers, she has been unshakably loyal to Captain Wolf – risking her own life countless times to save him from native headhunters, customs officers, and jealous lovers alike.

"Minerva is a skilled treasure-hunter and mercenary for anyone that can afford her services. Cool and calculating, she acts only in her own best interests or the interests of her current client. The only thing known to fire her passion more than gold is an opportunity to get revenge on the man who took her eye!

"Minerva's sidekick, the stoic and enigmatic Ramjeet Singh, seldom leaves her side. Bound by his own strange code of honour, Ramjeet’s steely stare and imposing stance are a clear warning to any who would cross his mistress."
  • Four finely detailed, one-part metal figures.
  • Approximately 29-32mm tall.
  • Supplied unpainted.
The Pulp Pirates and Mercenaries set is priced at £14, saving £1.50 over purchasing these items separately.
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