Information for EU customers

***The following information applies to EU-based customers only. For rest of world orders import rules are the same as they were prior to 2021.***

From the 1st of January 2021, most EU-destined orders are very likely to attract VAT charges and a handling fee, which will be collected by your local postal or delivery service before they make delivery.

***An exemption for low-value packages up to 22 Euro (80 DKK for Denmark, 0 SEK for Sweden) remains in place until the 30th of June 2021. However, the 22 Euro limit includes delivery costs. From the 1st of July 2021 onwards, this exemption will be removed.***

If your order is greater than 22 Euro including postal costs, I would advise EU customers to only order in the expectation of:

  • VAT being levied at your local rate and collected by your local postal or delivery service.
  • A handling fee being levied and collected by your local postal or delivery service.

It is the customer's role to be aware of any charges that may be due on import into your respective countries.

  • Do not order in expectation of avoiding these cost - the EU customs system is being streamlined to handle the collection of more VAT charges.
  • Do not ask me to undervalue packages on customs declarations, nor to mark them as 'gifts' - the forthcoming changes to the EU VAT rules have been brought in specifically to counter VAT fraud. All Customs Declarations will be correctly completed by myself.
  • Do not expect VAT to be deducted when you place an order with Statuesque Miniatures - Statuesque is not VAT registered therefore VAT is not paid at the point of sale by any customer. VAT may still be levied on import into your country.

The threshold at which duty would be charged is 150 Euro. All Statuesque Miniatures products are exported under the TARIC code 95030099 and are manufactured in the UK, so should avoid import duty to the EU. Please check your local information if you intend to place an order for 150 Euro or more.

If you reject a VAT and handling fee charge from your postal or delivery service and the order is returned to me, a refund will be given - minus shipping costs - when the package arrives back with me. But please don't order if you don't want to pay the VAT and handling fees - it will just cost me time and money.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Full guidance from the European Commission can be found HERE.

I can imagine all this will make many EU customers very reluctant to place an order. I'm very sorry for that - I didn't vote for it and it will almost certainly negatively affect my business. EU customers make up a sizeable proportion of my sales and I expect to lose most of those.

In July 2021 an into-EU import system will be launched which may allow me to charge VAT at the time of sale, which would avoid handling fees and unexpected costs. However, it remains to be seen if this system will be viable for a very small business like Statuesque Miniatures. It had been due to be launched on the 1st of January (by coincidence at the end of the UK-EU Transition Period) but it was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. And as I said, it may not be viable for a tiny business like mine. We'll see.

For any rest-of-world customers reading this, nothing really changes - the above information relates to EU countries only. However, it is always the customer's role to be aware of any taxes and charges that may be due on import into your respective countries.

I'd like to thank all my EU customers for their support over the years and I hope you will continue to shop in some way with Statuesque Miniatures. The post-Transition Period situation will be difficult for myself and many other small manufacturers who sell direct to EU customers – no trade deal can compensate for not being in the Customs Union and common VAT area.