Cloth Adventurers available to Pre-Order NOW!

29 May 2024  |  Andrew

Cloth Adventurers available to Pre-Order NOW!

Available to Pre-Order now either individually or together in the Cloth Adventurers! set, these three figures - a cloth rogue, a beanbag magic cat and a cloth craa - are the latest figures for the Letters from the Habernagerie range that started with the cloth goblins launched on Kickstarter a year ago.

I had a lot of fun designing and sculpting these characters. The Cloth Rogue - informally known as 'Murder Olive' around here - is how I imagine Left at the Bottom of the Garden cloth doll Olive might imagine herself, if she were to live in a dangerous fantasy world, delving deep into the strange place that is the Habernagerie. Do the Left at the Bottom of the Garden toys exist in the same world as the Habernagerie, or is it all in Olive's imagination? Who knows!

And if we have an Olive stand-in, we need a reimagined beanbag cat - enter the Beanbag Magic Cat! Again inspired by my beloved childhood beanbag cat, I also based this figure on my much-missed cat Griz, whose expression I have given to the beanbag magic cat.

Finally, there is the Cloth Craa with a Lamp, one of the odd cloth creatures who inhabit the Habernagerie and are occasionally helpful to those who venture into its depths. The design for the craa comes from one of the initial sketches I did for the cloth goblins. Although the goblins evolved in a different direction, I'm really glad I could come back and make this figure as I was always very fond of the design, even if I couldn't quite figure out how to make it work at the time.

Pre-Order items will be available at the discounted Pre-Order price until the 13th of June 2024. Pre-Orders will ship from the 13th June 2024 - depending on order volume it may take a few days beyond this date to dispatch. Thank you for your patience.

If you're in the EU or Norway, you can Pre-Order through the Statuesque Miniatures Etsy shop, paying VAT at checkout and avoiding handling fees before delivery.

Please note, EU customers can only order through the Etsy shop - there are no delivery options to the EU in the main Statuesque shop.

As with the Cloth Goblins, the Cloth Adventurers will be available as STL downloads through the Statuesque Gumroad shop. I hope to get these uploaded by the time the metal miniatures' Pre-Order period ends. So go give the Gumroad shop a follow to keep ahead of the news!