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29 May 2024  |  Andrew

Cloth Adventurers available to Pre-Order NOW!

Delve into the Habernagerie with the release of the new Cloth Adventurers! Read more to find out more...

16 April 2024  |  Andrew

There will be a short delay to dispatch for orders, but you can get FREE rats. Click for more details...

13 October 2023  |  Andrew

From today, Friday 13th of October, there will be a short delay to the posting of orders. Any order placed from now on may not be posted until Monday 23rd of October. This notice supersedes the expected dispatch info in your confirmation email.

I will endeavour to get any orders placed today dispatched on Saturday morning, but that may not be possible. I will also try to get some orders posted on Friday 20th of October, but again this  may not be possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

6 August 2023  |  Andrew

I wanted to let everyone know there will be a few days further delay posting orders, beyond Monday as originally mentioned on the checkout page and previous news update.

My mother has a badly broken ankle and it’s taking longer than expected to get her set up and able to get about. My current plan is to head back home on Wednesday so I should get orders posted on Thursday or Friday (10th and 11th of August).

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

1 August 2023  |  Andrew

Due to unexpected events, I won't be able to dispatch any orders until Monday 7th of August. Sorry the the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

28 July 2023  |  Andrew

Cloth Goblins available again as a Pre-Order

The Cloth Goblins are available again as a Pre-Order! Packages containing any goblins will be posted by the 11th of August, once all the Kickstarter packages have been dispatched.

9 June 2023  |  Andrew

Last chance for Cloth Goblins to the EU and Norway!

Well, not quite a last chance - they'll be available again, just not at Kickstarter prices.

Click 'Read more' for more info!

27 February 2023  |  Andrew

Just to let you know, orders placed from today (27th February) may not be posted until Tuesday 7th of March.

19 January 2023  |  Andrew
3 October 2022  |  Andrew

Chapter Three toys available now!

With the Kickstarter fulfilled, the Left at the Bottom of the Garden Chapter Three toys are in the shop and available to buy!

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