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 LBG30 All the Chapter Three toysLBG30 All the Chapter Three toys 

LBG30 All the Chapter Three toys


LBG30 All the Chapter Three toys

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"Olive trudged up the hill as darkness fell and the moon rose slowly in the sky. Behind her, warm light shone from windows of the old woman's cottage. The other toys would be making ready for bed, the old woman telling stories and the toy rats singing gently, everyone warm and cosy by the fire.

"As she climbed, the trees and undergrowth thinned, the path turning rocky and loose. Suddenly she found herself on the ridge of the hill. Treetops glinting in the moonlight, the forest stretched out before her, further than she could have imagined. 

"A long, piercing howl leapt across the moonlit scene, catching Olive deep in her chest. She looked back at the familiar light far below. Another call answered the first and Olive set off down the other side of the hill."

All seven Chapter Three toys. This set offers a saving of £2 over buying the items separately.

  • Seven finely detailed, one-part, lead-free metal miniatures.
  • Approximately 13-33mm tall including the base.
  • Supplied unpainted in a bare metal state - the figures require some prep work prior to painting or otherwise finishing.
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