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GYH13 Mr SwitherGYH13 Mr SwitherGYH13 Mr Swither

GYH13 Mr Swither


GYH13 Mr Swither

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“Mr Swither had lost more than most, his self consumed by time and decay. Generally a passive presence, in his good moments he drifted from room to room, often doubling back or staring out windows for hours on end. In his bad, doors would slam and furniture topple as anger and confusion overcame him.

“Eleanor had found the hat in a felt-lined box, secreted away in some forgotten attic. When she presented it to him, Mr Swither had regarded the hat for a long time, turning it over and over, memories stirring from where they lay. The bad times, though not banished, came less often after that.”

Mr Swither - a ghosts in a top hat

  • Approximately 40mm tall including the base and hat.
  • Cast in lead-free metal and supplied unpainted in a bare metal state.
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