Information for potential EU and Norway Kickstarter backers

20 September 2021  |  Andrew

Ok, some important information for potential EU and Norway backers of the forthcoming The Ghosts of Yellowfield House Kickstarter.

This might be a strange thing to say, but I recommend that potential EU and Norway backers do not back the Kickstarter but instead order through the Statuesque Etsy shop. If the campaign is successful, the Ghosts of Yellowfield House sets will be available on Etsy at Kickstarter prices (plus a wee sweetener discount to mitigate the VAT) for one week from the 5th of October. Delivery times will be the same as the Kickstarter.

Etsy collects EU VAT at checkout on all orders up to 150 EUR. For customers in many EU states, this will mean no additional fees from your postal service. Etsy will also collect Norway VAT at checkout, again meaning you can avoid additional fees before delivery.

I have confirmed there should be no additional 'handling fees' from your postal service on Etsy orders for the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

For all other EU countries*, please check the information provided by your local postal services as additional fees and procedures may be applied before delivery is made.

I put together a page of information for EU customers, along with link to information from member state postal service. This can be found here on the Statuesque website and I hope it will be of some use.

Norway and EU-based persons are of course welcome to back the Kickstarter campaign, but please do not pledge in the expectation or hope of avoiding a VAT bill from your postal service. If you get a bill and then refuse delivery, that will just end up costing me a lot of time and money and Eleanor Ganfer may haunt you disapprovingly.

*I've suspended Etsy sales for Romania due to the declaration requirements for VAT-paid packages. Kickstarter pledges from Romania are welcome however.