Statuesque Etsy shop open for EU and Norway customers

1 July 2021  |  Andrew

Statuesque Etsy shop open for EU and Norway customers

***The following information applies to EU and Norway customers only. For rest of world orders import rules are the same as they were prior to  July 2021. Nothing has changed for you.***

It's the 1st of July and I'm happy to say the Statuesque Miniatures Etsy shop is now open for orders from the EU and Norway. This coincides with the new EU VAT rules and is a definitely a GOOD THING for EU (and Norway) customers, given the situation since January 1st.

By ordering through Etsy, EU and Norway customers can pay VAT at checkout, avoiding additional costs and fees before delivery.

For EU customers:

  • For all orders under 150 Euro, Etsy will collect VAT at checkout, at your country's rate.
  • There should be no additional 'handling fees' from your postal service.
  • For orders over 150 Euro, Etsy will not collect VAT, and VAT, handling fees and potentially duty will be collected by your postal service before delivery is made.

For Norway customers:

  • Etsy will collect VAT at 25% at checkout on all orders.
  • There should be no additional 'handling fees' from your postal service.

Statuesque Miniatures is not UK VAT registered - no UK VAT is included in either the Statuesque shop prices or the Statuesque Etsy prices.

Please note, not all Statuesque Miniatures products are listed in the Statuesque Miniatures Etsy shop - I have limited Etsy items to products I cast myself. More Etsy items will be added in due course. However,  if there's something you'd like to order that isn't listed Etsy, please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

I strongly recommend all EU and Norway customers order through the Statuesque Miniatures Etsy shop. You can still order here on the Statuesque website, but it is likely all orders made though this site will be subject to VAT and handling fees. For more information, see HERE.

Hopefully, in time, I'll be able to collect EU VAT through the Statuesque shop. There are various solutions, but I want to see how things go before I implement anything. In the meantime, the Statuesque Etsy shop provides a fool-proof way to allow EU and Norway customers to avoid the dreaded handling fees.