Update on the Etsy shop for EU and Norway sales

7 July 2021  |  Andrew

Ok, an update on the Etsy shop...

I'm now selling on Etsy to the following EU countries only (and Norway):
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

I have confirmed (though laboriously checking local postal service websites) that these countries *do not* collect handling fees when VAT is paid at checkout on Etsy.

The intention of the new EU VAT import rules were that no additional fees would be due - the customer would make payment at checkout only. However, various countries have implemented fees, or it is unclear at the moment if they will do so. This is very disappointing.

I've put together a long list of the procedures for each EU member state. I've included details of potential fees and links to where I found the information. I have suspended Etsy sales to any EU country that collects handling fees when VAT has already been paid at checkout. Please read the information from your postal service.

It does seem fees may have gone down in many countries, but I want Etsy sales to have no additional costs involved. You can all still order through the Statuesque website.

No existing Etsy orders are affected.

(If any other sellers copy and paste this information, please credit it to me, Andrew Rae, and include a link to www.statuesqueminiatures.co.uk, thanks.)