Welcome to the new Statuesque shop

2 March 2021  |  Andrew

Welcome to the new Statuesque shop

Welcome to the new Statuesque Miniatures shop. After a good few years using the old shop, it was time for a refresh with a new system. Please take a look around!

Unfortunately, with a total change of platform, all existing customer accounts are gone. That means if you want to use a customer account, you need to reregister with new details. I was never entirely sure how well the customer log-ins worked in the old shop, but the new system is much more robust. You can also checkout as a guest.

Many links scattered around the internet will now go to a 404 page. I think there's something I can do about that, but it's a bit beyond me at the moment, so my apologies if you land on the 404 page expecting to see some lovely products. Please just click the link to the homepage and you'll likely find what you were looking for.

Some products shown on the site are still listed as 'out of stock'. Many will become available shortly as I complete a stock take. Some will take longer to go on sale again, and to appear again on the site. I'm still in the process of shifting production entirely in-house - I won't be ordering any more stock from my old casters. However, due to the pandemic, it has been impossible to collect the moulds and master castings from my old caster. Many of the figures will be made available again eventually, I just can't say exactly when. I won't be selling any ranges to other manufacturers.

The good news is you can now click for notification of when a product comes back in stock. The priority will be to get the Heroic Scale Female Heads range back on sale, then selected items from the Pulp Scale and Fine Scale range, and then figures from the Statuesque Asylum and Starport ranges.

Don't forget, if an items is available for purchase, it means the product is ready to ship. I never take orders for items I don't have in stock.