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LFH10B A Cloth Goblin PatrolLFH10B A Cloth Goblin PatrolLFH10B A Cloth Goblin Patrol

LFH10B A Cloth Goblin Patrol


LFH10B A Cloth Goblin Patrol

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"The cloth goblins are the most numerous inhabitants of the Habernagerie and appear to fulfil the role of guards and custodians of the countless halls, passages, courtyards and gardens of this place. They carry out this task - or not - with a haphazard zeal for which I have yet to discern any pattern or motive. Indeed, I often find my daily travels interrupted by some novel blockade where previously I passed undisturbed, while hitherto guarded routes are suddenly abandoned. The one constant seems to be their insistence on strictly limiting my access to the kitchens."

Letters from the Habernagerie, Anon.

Ten cloth goblins - including the sergeant - and ten unique, interchangeable shields.

  • Finely detailed, two-part, lead-free metal miniatures.
  • Approximately 18mm tall.
  • Supplied unpainted in a bare metal state - the figures require some prep work prior to painting or otherwise finishing.
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