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 LFH12A Three Cloth GoblinsLFH12A Three Cloth Goblins 

LFH12A Three Cloth Goblins


LFH12A Three Cloth Goblins

Our Price:  £9.50

Three cloth goblins  and one set of three shields. Please choose a set of shields based on the image provided.

  • Finely detailed, two-part, lead-free metal miniatures.
  • Approximately 18mm tall.
  • Supplied unpainted in a bare metal state - the figures require some prep work prior to painting or otherwise finishing.

Want a FREE pdf of the Cloth Goblins Forbidden Psalm Adventure (what happens when some unfortunate cloth goblins find themselves in the dark world of Forbidden Psalm)? Then email with proof of your cloth goblin purchase for your copy!

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EU and Norway customers are not able to order through this shop - there are no shipping options to the EU or Norway, but please do visit the Statuesque Etsy shop. For more information, see HERE.

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