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LFH16 A Cloth Craa with a LampLFH16 A Cloth Craa with a LampLFH16 A Cloth Craa with a Lamp

LFH16 A Cloth Craa with a Lamp


LFH16 A Cloth Craa with a Lamp

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"The craas act as guides and couriers in the Habernagerie, their lamps, tinkling bells and the tap-tap-tap of their clawed feet providing welcome reassurance in the more sepulchral halls and chambers."

Letters from the Habernagerie, Anon.

A cloth craa with a lamp.

  • A finely detailed, one-part, lead-free metal miniature with an optional, clear, 3d-printed lamp cowl*.
  • Approximately 22mm tall including the jingly bell.
  • Supplied unpainted in a bare metal state - the figure requires some prep work prior to painting or otherwise finishing.

*The lamp cowl you will receive has been given a couple of coat of gloss varnish to improve transparency - additional thinned gloss varnish coats could improve this further. The resin of the cowl may yellow slightly over time, but I thought this appropriate given the flame of the lamp. I recommend attaching the cowl with a very thin layer of 2-part epoxy glue  as superglue may cause frosting.

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